Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stock Up Prices:When do I stock up?

I stock up when these items are at their rock bottom price. I buy them when I see specific items getting low in my food storage.
These items usually go on sale once every 3-4 months, except for those in (..). Be careful when stocking up items that will go bad if you do not use it up before the expiration dates!

**Foods that are in jars, canned, or frozen (if sealed) will last for more than a year.
**Toiletries will last a long time.
**Items that have short shelf life are dairy (you can freeze eggs out of their shells and cheese if you shred them), produce (unless frozen), cookies, bread, crackers and chips.
**You can freeze many items such as marshmallows, chocolate chips, cookies, nuts and oils if you want them to last longer beyond expiration date. Marshmallows will puff back in shape as soon as you thaw them.

Things I get when they are free:
-Toothpaste (this one is free all the time!)
-Body Wash
-Bar Soap
-Pain Medication
-Cough/Cold Medication (flu or cold season)
-Air Fresheners
-Copy Paper (Staples or Office Depot)
-Photo Paper (Staples)

Things I get for .50 cents:
-Paper Plates (spring, summer)
-Paper Cups (spring, summer)
-Kid's Pain Medication
-Brownie Mixes (fall)
-Coffee Creamer
-Bagged Candy (before or after holidays)
-Frosting (fall)
-Progresso or Chunky Soups (fall)
-Ketchup (spring, summer)
-Mustard (spring, summer)
-BBQ Sauces (spring, summer)
-Salad Dressings (spring, summer)
-Soy Sauce
-Frozen Veggies
-Mac and Cheese
-Cleaning Supplies (spring)
-Cake Mix (Easter, fall)
-Chex Mix
-Pasta Sauce
-J & J Baby Stuff
-Pillsbury Crescents, Biscuits, etc-.50 cents to $1
-Sunny Delight (spring, summer)
-Dish Soap, small
-Hot Dogs (spring, summer)
-Canned Foods, I pay between .25-.50 cents per 15oz can. (case lot sales, spring or fall)
-Soda, 2L
-Gatorade, Propel, etc.-sometimes I get them for free or pay .25 cents
-Elmers Glue or Sticks (before school begins)
-Crayola Crayons (before school begins)
-Stove Top (Easter, Thanksgiving)
-Ziploc bags, small box

Things I get for $1:
-Cereal that I like
-Pancake Syrup
-Granola Bars
-Fruit Snacks
-Rhodes Rolls
-Yogurt Packs
-Jam (before school begins)
-PB (before school begins)
-Dish Soap (large)
-Pickles, large jar-Mayo (summer)
-Eggs, dozen (spring)
-Sour Cream
-Instant Rice, small box
-Spices (fall)
-Sausage roll
-Lunch Meats
-Juice, any (mostly in summer or before school begins)
-Crayola Markers (before school begins)
-Vegetable or Canola Oil (Thanksgiving, Christmas)

Things I get for $1.50:
-Chocolate Chips (Thanksgiving, Christmas)
-Flour, 5lbs (Thanksgiving/Christmas)
-Hamburger-7% lean $1.99lb or 20% lean$1.50lb
-Skinless, Boneless Chicken Breasts-1.50lb
-Butter (Thanksgiving, Christmas)
-Chips or Pretzels, any

Things I get for $2:
-Laundry Soap
-Fabric Softener
-Cheese, any-$2.00 a pound
-Sugar, 5lbs
-Roasts, $2lb
-Soda Pop, 12pk
-Water bottles, 24-36pk

Things I get for $3:
-12 Double Rolls-.25-.30 cents a roll
-6 rolls of Paper towels-.50 cents a roll
-Diapers, Jumbo Packs-less than $3
-Steaks, around $3lb
-Ramen Noodles, 24 packages (case lot sales, spring or fall)

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