Thursday, July 29, 2010

Did you get this in the mail?

I didn't get my mail for several days, so I'm not sure exactly when this ad came. There are three coupons found on the bottom of the ad that are good for one free 1lb hamburger, one free box of pasta, and one free can of Hunt's spaghetti sauce. They do not expire until August 21st. Sweet!

Another thing the ad states that Ridley's will have their 1 day produce sale on Wednesdays and 1 day meat sale on Fridays. They do not pass out any ads for their one day sales, so I'm not aware of their prices-just like Winco. I did stop by at Ridley's last night to grab some meat and it looks like they do have pretty good sales on produce if you go on Wednesdays.

Here are few things I spotted...
Roma Tomatoes-.59lb
Limes-20 for $1 Wow!
Green Peppers-2 for $1

There's more, but can't remember their prices, but I do know that they are pretty cheap. (much similar to Buy Low)

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