Monday, July 26, 2010

Ridley's Double Coupon Tuesday 7/27!

*These are the prices I have gotten from Orem Ridley's on 1600 North State.

*You'll have to let the cashier know about having your coupons doubled because they do it manually. And don't forget to use your Ridley's Advantage card.

*Ridley's will double coupons up to $1 max (Tuesdays only)...
1.00=1.00 (no change)



-Taco Bell Refried Beans 16oz-.78. Use .75/2 printable (zip 63366), DOUBLED=.28!

-Taco Bell Taco Shells 12ct-.98. Use .75/2 printable (zip 63366), DOUBLED=.48!

-Sun Laundry Liquid Detergent, 112 loads, Free and Clear only-4.98. Use .50/1, RP 5/23, DOUBLED=$3.98!

-Gold N Soft Spread (large tub) 45oz-1.48. Use .50/1, SS 3/21 or SS 6/27, DOUBLED=.48!

-Land O Frost Premium Lunch Meats-2.69. Use .55/1, RP 4/25, DOUBLED=1.69!

-Pillsbury Crescents-1.48. Use .50/2 printable (zip 63366), , DOUBLED=.98 each!

-Ronzoni Smart Taste Rotoni 14.5oz-1.26. Use .75/1 printable, DOUBLED=.26!

-Country Crock Spread 15oz-1.68. Use .40/1 printable, DOUBLED=.88!


-French's Mustard-1.28. Use .30/1, SS 6/20, DOUBLED=.69!


-WF Large Dozen Eggs-.89!

-ShurSaving Fruit drink, gallon-.84!

-David's Sunflower Seeds-1.03. Use $1/2 printable=.53 each!

-Crayola Crayons 24ct-.28!

-Mead Notebook 70 sheets, college or wide ruled-.18!

-Dixon Pencils 10ct, #2 yellow-.29!

-Rose Glue 5oz-.28!

-Green Peppers-2 for $1!

-Dole Salad 12oz-.98!

-Eye Round Roast-1.99lb!

-WF Biscuits 7.5oz, 10ct, buttermilk or home style-5 for $1!

-Luvs diapers, 23-50 ct, jumbo-6.46. Use $2/1, RP 6/27=4.46!

-Arrowhead Aquapod bottled water 8pk-.95. Use $1/2 printable=.45 each!

-Bar S Franks 12oz-.68. Use $1/2 printable=.18 each!

-Pillsbury Sweet Rolls-1.48. Use $1/2 printable (zip 63366)=.98 each!

-Fisher Snack Mix-1.67. Use $1/1 printable (zip 77477)=.67!

-Keebler Baked Treasures Cookies 14.7oz-1.89. Use $1/1 printable=.89!

-Quaker Rice Snacks 3.5oz-.98. Use $1/2 printable=.48 each!

-Johnson & Johnson Gauze Pads 10ct-1.73. Use $3/2 printable=.23 each!


-Ziploc sandwich bags 30 or 50ct-2.07. Use $1.50/2 printable=1.32!

-Juicy Juice 8pk-1.39. Use $1/2 printable=.89 each!

-John Morrell Smokies Links 14oz-2.29. Use $1/2 printable=1.79!



-Wacky Mac Pasta-1.59. Use .50/1, SS 5/16, DOUBLED=.59!

-Kikkoman's Sweet n Sour sauce-1.68. Use $1/1 printable (previously available)=.68!

-Pam Grilling Spray 5oz-2.44. Use $.50/1, SS 6/20, DOUBLED=1.44!

-Mandarin Oranges 11oz-.99. Use .50/2, SS 6/20, DOUBLED=.49 each!

-Ortega Diced Jalapenos 4oz-.84. Use .75/2, SS 4/18, DOUBLED=.34 each!

-Tree Top Juice boxes 3pk-1.25. Use .40/1
printable, DOUBLED=.45!

-Lysol Kitchen Spray 22oz-1.98. Use .50/1
printable, DOUBLED=.98!

-Lysol All Purpose spray 32oz-1.98. Use .50/1
printable, DOUBLED=.98!

-Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleanser 24oz-1.98. Use .50/1
printable, DOUBLED=.98!

-Lime Away Toilet Bowl Gel-2.11. Use .75/1, SS 6/20, DOUBLED=1.11!

-Arm and Hammer Clean Shower Spray 32oz-1.81. Use .50/1
printable, DOUBLED=.81!

-Pringles Stix-1.65. Use .50/1, RP 5/23 or RP 6/27, DOUBLED=.65!

-Wishbone Dressing 16oz-1.88. Use .75/1, RP 6/27, DOUBLED=.88!

-Dole Pineapple chunk, crushed, sliced, or tidbits 20oz=1.19. Use .50/2, SS 6/27, DOUBLED=.69!

-Simply Asia Rice Noodle Soup Bowls 2.5oz-1.67. Use .50/1
printable (previously available), DOUBLED=.67!

-Trident Gum-1.09. Use $.50/1 printable, DOUBLED=.09!

-Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars, single bar-1.25. Use .55/1, SS 5/16, DOUBLED=.25!

-Arm and Hammer Baking Soda 1lb-.58. Use $.50/2
printable, DOUBLED=.08!

-Vlasic pickles, 46oz, any variety-1.98. Use .55/1 printable, DOUBLED=.98!

-Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk 12oz-.98. Use .50/2
printable, DOUBLED=.48 each!

-Tree Top Juice 64oz-1.88. Use .40/1
printable, DOUBLED=.88!

-Honey Nut Cheerios 12.25oz-1.78. Use .55/1
printable (previously available), DOUBLED=.78!

-Vlasic Spears 24oz-1.87. Use .55/1 printable, DOUBLED=.87!

-Gold N Soft Butter Tub 15oz-1.19. Use .50/1, SS 3/21 or SS 6/27, DOUBLED=.19!

-Pace Salsa 16oz-1.67. Use .40/2, SS 6/27, DOUBLED=1.27!

-Pompeian Red Wine Vinegar-.98. Use .50/1 hang tags found on bottles, DOUBLED=FREE!

-Nalley Valley Sweet, Dill, or Hot Dog Relish-1.12. Use .75/1
printable (previously available), DOUBLED=.12!

-Frigo String Cheese 12oz-1.98. Use .50/1, SS 5/2, DOUBLED=.98!

-Hunts Ketchup 24oz-1.09. Use 1-.20/1, SS 6/20, DOUBLED=.69!

-GoGurts 8pk-1.50. Use .75/2 printable (zip 63366), SS 6/13, or SS 7/25, DOUBLED=1.00!

-Shake N Bake 5.75oz-1.62. Use .75/1 printable, DOUBLED=.62!

-Hormel Pepperoni or Canadian Bacon 3.5oz-1.55. Use $.55/2 printable, DOUBLED=1.05!

-Clorox Toilet Cleanser 24oz-1.89. Use .75/1 printable, DOUBLED=.89!

-Comet, powder, 21oz-1.07. Use .35/1, SS 7/18=.37!

-Shout Spray 30oz-1.97. Use .55/1, SS 7/11, DOUBLED=.97!

-Softsoap 7.5oz-1.69. Use .50/1 printable (found on the bottom right), DOUBLED=.69!

-Yoplus 4pk-2.00. Use .50/1 printable (zip 63366), DOUBLED=1.00!

-Spaghettios 15oz-.65. Use .50/2 printable, DOUBLED=.15!

-C & H brown or powdered sugar 2lbs-1.48. Use .40/1 printable (previously available), DOUBLED=.68!

-Cuddle fabric softener 64oz-1.99. Use .50/1, RP 5/23, DOUBLED=.99!

-Dole Pineapple Juice 46oz-1.58. Use .50/1, SS 5/23, DOUBLED=.58!

-Mezzetta Jalapeno Peppers 16oz-1.58. Use .50/1 coupon from All You Magazine, DOUBLED=.58!

-Ivory Bar Soap 3pk-1.07. Use .50/1, PG 6/6, DOUBLED=.07!

-Daisy Sour Cream 16oz-1.58. Use .50/1
printable, DOUBLED=.58!


-Idahoan Instant Potatoes 4oz, any variety-.88. Use $.75/3
printable (click "print coupon" on tab)=.55 each!

-Miracle Whip Light or Regular, 48oz-1.97. Use $1/1 printable or $1.50/2, SS 6/20=.97!

-Kraft Mayo Light 30oz-1.97. Use 1.50/2, SS 6/20=1.22!

-Kraft Salad Dressing 16oz-1.50. Use $1/1, SS 6/20=.50!

-Kikkoman's Teriyaki Marinade 10oz-1.28. Use $1/1
printable (previously available)=.28!

-Tony's Party Pizzas-1.00. Use $1/2

-Blue Bonnet light or regular, quarters, 16oz-.50!

-Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner-1.99 (close out price, you should find them by the bandages). Use $2/1 from 6/27 Parade Magazine=FREE!

-Arm and Hammer liquid laundry detergent 26 loads, mountain rain only-2.99. Use $1/1
printable or SS 7/18=1.99!

-Heinz Ketchup 40oz-.98!

-Activia yogurt 4pk-1.78. Use $1/1, SS 7/18=.78!

-Campbells Tomato and Chicken Noodle 11oz-.59 each!

-Yoplait Yogurt 6oz-.50. Use $.45/6 printable=.35 each!

-Dentyne Gum-1.09. Use $1/1, SS 6/13=.09!

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