Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crave 2 Save's Sales Week 9/5


Transaction 1-
4 Sour Patch-1.50 each
2 Swedish Fish-1.50 each (used 1-B1G1 free printable Q and 1-$4/6 Q)


Transaction 2-
3 Sour Patch-1.50 each
9 Swedish Fish-1.50 each (used 4 B1G1 free printable Qs and 2-$4/6 Qs)

Will submit $5 Corona rebate on snacks. (bought it on Ebay)


4 Oreos-2.79 each-Buy 3, get one free sale (used 2-B1G1 free printable Qs when you buy a gallon of milk)
2 Gallons of milk-1.69 each
1 Book cover-.44-on clearance
1 Ruler set-.74-on clearance
1 bread (not pictured)-1.02 (used 1-.50/1 Target Q)

Will submit another $5 Corona rebate on frozen foods or snacks. Will use my mother's address (bought it on ebay)

Rite Aid-

I wasn't planning to stop at Rite Aid this week, but found out that one of my Up Rewards was expiring this week, so I had to make a stop to grab something.
3 Orbit Gum-.88 each (used 3-.50/1 Rite Aid Video Qs)

Used $1 Up Reward from previous purchase. (not included with the total)


2 Case of Ramen Noodles-(price matched from Smith's ad)-3.36 each
5 Granola Bars-(price matched from Ridley's ad)-1.19 each (used 1-$3/5 Q from Buy Low ad)
5 Aunt Jemina Syrup-(price matched from Ridley's ad)-1.49 each (used 1-$3/5 Q from Harmon's ad)
1 Colgate Wisps-1.47 (used $1/1 Q from All You Magazine)
10 Kraft Shredded Cheese-2.00 each (used 2-$5/5 printable Qs)
2 Quaker Oatmeal-(price matched from Ridley's ad)-1.74 (used 2-$1/1 printable Qs)

Will submit $8 Budweiser rebate on fresh deli items. (bought it on ebay)
Will submit $6 Budweiser rebate on pastas, breads. (bought it on ebay)

Transaction 1-
6 Gallons of milk-1.79 each


Transaction 2- Double Coupon Tuesday

5 Capn Crunch Cereals-.98 each (used 5-.50/1 Qs, DOUBLED)
5 Quaker Granola Bars-1.19 each (used 2-.75/2 Qs, DOUBLED)
4 Yoplait Whips-.49 each (used 1-.50/4 printable Q, DOUBLED)
1 Taco Seasoning-.73 (used Free Q when buy 2 Old El Paso Products)
6 Enchilada Sauce-1.19 (used 6-.50/1 printable Qs, DOUBLED)-two cans not pictured...fell out of the bag inside the car.
1 Nalley Valley Relish-.99 (used 1-.50/1 printable Q, DOUBLED)
1 Corn Tortilla-1.29 (used 1-$1/1 printable Q)
2 Resolve Carpet Cleaner-2.06 (used 2-1.50/1 printable Qs)


Week Total-$47.13
(including rebates)

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