Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crave 2 Save's Sales Week 10/3-10/9


I was going to do the promo, but there were few items out of stock so I only got this. Will have go back on another day when the items are back in stock.

Goldfish cracker-1.00. (used .55/1 Q found from inside the package that I bought few months ago)



Transaction 1-
6 Campbells Soup-.98 (used 3-.50/2 printable Qs, DOUBLED)
5 Greek Yogurt-.50 (used 5-.30/1 Qs)
1 Frigo Ricotta Cheese-2.29 (used 1-.55/1 printable Q, DOUBLED)


Transaction 2-
10 Cinnamon Toast Crunch-1.88 each when you buy 10. (used 10-.55/1 printable Qs, DOUBLED)
5 Muffin Mixes-.88 (used 5-.50/1 printable Qs, DOUBLED)


Transaction 3-
2 Gallons of milk-1.77
1 Head Lettuce-.69


Transaction 1-
9 Mott's Applesauce-1.67 each
1 Mott's Apple Juice-1.75 (used 1-$1/1 Target Q came from Catalina machine weeks before)
Bananas-0.91 (used 1-$1/1 Target Q)
3 Lemon Juice-1.19 (used 3-$1/1 Target Qs)
2 Hershey's Kisses-2.69 & 1.99 (used 1-$1/2 Q and 2-$1/1 Target Qs)
1 Pretzel M&Ms-2.99 (used 1-$1/1 printable Q and 1-$1/1 Target Q)
2 Pledge Dusters-2.89 (used 1-$2/2 Q and 2-$1/1 printable Qs)
2 Avocados-.99 (used 2-$1/1 Target Qs)
4 Chips Ahoy-1.99 each (used 2-B2G1 Free Printable Qs when you buy milk, 2-$1/2 Target Qs, and 1-$1/2 Q)
2 Gallons of milk-1.89

Received 2-$5 Target Gift Cards from Mott's.


Transaction 2-
7 Kraft block cheeses-2.04 (used 2-$5/5 printable Qs and 5-$1/2 Target Qs)
3 Kraft Singles 24 slices-2.54

Will submit $10 NewCastle rebate when buy $15 dollars worth of cheeses, deli, etc. (bought it on Ebay)


Colgate Wisps-1.29 (used 1-$1/1 Q from All You Magazine)
2 Reynolds Wrap-1.69 (used ad coupon for .89 each and 2-.25/1 peelies)
1 EOS Lip Balm-3.00 (Walgreens substituted this because they are out of the green/pink ones)-used it as a filler for my RR.
1 Wonka Laffy Taffy-.29-used it as a filler for my RR.

Received $3RR from EOS.

Used 2-$1.50RRs from previous purchases. (not included with the total)

Total-$0, profit $0.72

Rite Aid-

Transaction 1-
5 Kelloggs Cereals-2.00 (used 2-$1.50/2 printable Qs and 1-.60/1 Q)
1 Crest Toothpaste-2.69 (used 1-$1/1 Q)
1 Downy-3.99 (used 1-$1.50/1 Q)
1 Nivea-2.99 (used 1-$1/1 printable Q)

Used $5 off $25 Rite Aid PDF Q.

Used 2-$1.50 and 1-$2 UpRewards from previous purchases. (not included with the total)

Received $2 UpReward from Kelloggs, $2.69 UpReward from Crest, $1 UpReward from Downy, and $1.99 UpReward from Nivea.


Transaction 2-
2 Vitality Toothbrushes-11.99 (used 2-$10/1 Qs)
2 Mentos Gum-.37-on clearance

Used $5 off $25 Rite Aid PDF Q.


Transaction 3-
Viva Paper Towels-6.99 (used 1-.75/1 Q from All You Magazine and 1-$1/1 Rite Aid Video Q)
4 Edge Shave Cream-2.51 (used 2-B1G1 Free printable Qs and 2-$1.50/2 Rite Aid Video Qs)
1 Downy-3.99 (used 1-1.50/1 Q from Vocalpoint)
8 Mentos-.37-on clearance (used 8-$1/1 Qs, price adjusted)

Used $5 off $25 Rite Aid PDF Q.

Used $5 UpReward from previous purchases. (not included with the total)

Received $1 UpReward from Downy and $1 UpReward from Viva.


Transaction 4-
10 Candies-2.50 each

Used $5 off $25 Rite Aid PDF Q.

Used $19.68 worth of UpRewards from previous purchases (not included with the total)

Received 5-$1 and 10-$2 UpRewards

Total-$0, profit $4.25

Week Total-$35.90
(including rebates)

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