Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ridley's Double Coupon Tuesday 10/5!

**UPDATE-I have found out that the ad online are missing a few pages. I stopped by at Ridley's recently to double check the prices and got the rest of the missing pages. The ones you see highlighted in green are new.**
*These are the prices I have gotten from Orem Ridley's on 1600 North State.

*You'll have to let the cashier know about having your coupons doubled because they do it manually. And don't forget to use your Ridley's Advantage card.

*Ridley's will double coupons up to $1 max (Tuesdays only)...
1.00=1.00 (no change)



-Campbell's Soup, select varieties including 98% fat free cream of chicken-.98. Use $1.50/3 printable=.48!

-Nalley Valley Relish 10oz-1.09. Use .75/1 printable (zip 84043), DOUBLED=.09!

-Fiber One Bars-1.88 each when you buy 10. (1.88 is the correct price as confirmed from the store). Use .50/1
printable (zip 63366), DOUBLED=.88!

-Nature Valley Bars-1.88 each when you buy 10. Use .50/1
printable (zip 63366), DOUBLED=.88!

-Cinnamon Toast Crunch-1.88 when you buy 10. Use .65/1 printable (zip 63366) or .55/1 printable, DOUBLED=.88! (other varieties are included if you have coupons...plain cheerios, original fiber one, wheaties, multi-grain cheerios)


-Mountain Dew/Pepsi 20pk-3.88 when you buy two. There are $1/1 peelies found on packages (there are only a few peelies left)=
2.88 each!

-Shasta Soda 24pk

-Sunbelt snacks, fruit snacks, granola, 7-11oz-1.50. Use B1G1 Free printable=.75!

-WF Dozen Large Eggs-.89!

-WF Real Margarine 16oz
-2 for $1!

-WF Frozen Vegetables, 16oz

-Tree Top Apple Juice 46oz-1.49. Use $1.75/3 printable=.91 each!

-Pendleton 25lb All Purpose Flour-4.88! (That's .97 cents per 5lbs!)

-24pk WF Bottled Water-2.48! (Macey's has them lower $2.28!)

-WF Hair Gel 30oz-.88!

-Bananas-.42lb! FRI ONLY!

-Yellow Onions-4lbs for $1! FRI ONLY!

-Dole Salad 12oz-.97! FRI ONLY!


-WF Speciality Beans, select varieties,14.5-15oz-.47!

-Augason Farms Wheat, red or white, 45lbs-11.69!

-Libby's Canned Vegetables-.47. Use $1/2, RP 8/29=.14!

-WF Tomato Sauce 8oz-.19!

-WF Mandarin Oranges 14oz-.33!

-Augason Farms Rolled Oats-25lbs-10.98!

-First Harvest Pear Halves in Light Syrup 14.5oz-.49!

-Scoffs Baby Wipes 80ct-.80!

-Campbell's Spaghetti O's 15oz-.49. Use .50/2 printable or use .40/2, SS 8/29, DOUBLED=FREE!

-Campbell's Chunky Soup 18.8oz-1.25. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=.25!

UNADVERTISED DEALS: (price may change without notice)


-Criso Spray-1.98. Use .75/1 printable, DOUBLED=.98!

-Betty Crocker Muffin Mix Pouches-.88. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=FREE! (only at Ridley's on Center Street)

-Greek Yogurt-.50. Use .30/1 printable (zip 63366) or GM 9/12 (exp 11/6), DOUBLED=FREE!

NEW-Frigo Ricotta Cheese 15oz-2.25. Use .55/1 printable, DOUBLED=1.25

-Tobasso Sauce 2oz-1.59. Use .75/1, SS 9/19 (exp 10/31), DOUBLED=.59!

-Herdez Salsa 16oz-2.15. Use .55/1, SS 9/12 (exp 10/31), DOUBLED=1.15!

-Zone Bars-1.33. Use .55/1, SS 9/12 (exp 11/14), DOUBLED=.33!

-Bumble Bee Light Tuna Pouch 2.5oz-.80. Use .55/1, SS 9/12 (exp 12/31), DOUBLED=FREE!

NEW-Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad-.98. Use .50/2 printable, DOUBLED=.48!

-Lime Away Toilet Bowl Cleaner-2.11. Use .50/1, SS 9/12 (exp 11/13), DOUBLED=1.11!

-El Paso Enchilada Sauce 14oz-1.67. Use .50/1 printable (zip 90210), DOUBLED=.67!

-El Paso Refried Beans 16oz-1.39. Use .50/1 printable (zip 90210), DOUBLED=.39!

-Milford Valley Farms Broccoli and Cheese-1.49. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=.49!

-Mrs Cubbisons Croutons-.97. Use .55/1, SS 9/12 (exp 11/30), DOUBLED=FREE!

-Heinz Vinegar 32oz-1.37. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=.37!

-Oretga Diced Green Chilies-.60. Use .50/2, SS 9/12 (exp 11/30), DOUBLED=.10!

-Pringles Stix-1.67. Use .50/1, PG 9/26 (exp 10/31), DOUBLED=.67!

-Yoplait Yogurt 6oz, select variety-.59 each. Use $.50/4 printable, DOUBLED=.34 each!

-Yakisoba Noodles-.74. Use .50/1, SS 8/29 (exp 10/31), DOUBLED=FREE!

-Campbell's Soup at Hand-1.28. Use .50/1, SS 8/29 (exp 10/10), DOUBLED=.28!

-Simply Asia 2.5oz Rice Noodle Bowls-1.67. Use .50/1, RP 8/29 (exp 10/31), DOUBLED=.67!

-Thai Kitchen Rice Noodle Bowls-1.67. Use .50/1, RP 8/29 (exp 10/31), DOUBLED=.67!

-Arm and Hammer Scrub Free Oxy Spray 32oz-1.81. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=.81!

-Mr. Clean Eraser 2pk-2.49. Use .75/1 from Home Made Simple Booklet (exp 10/31), DOUBLED=1.49!

-Wacky Mac Pasta-1.59. Use .50/1, SS 5/16 (exp 12/31), DOUBLED=.59!

-Country Crock Spread 15oz-1.68. Use .40/1 printable, DOUBLED=.88!

-Arm and Hammer Clean Shower Spray 32oz-1.81. Use .50/1
printable, DOUBLED=.81!

-Trident Gum-1.09. Use $..75/1 printable, DOUBLED=.09!

-Arm and Hammer Baking Soda 1lb-.58. Use $.50/2
printable, DOUBLED=.08!

-Vlasic pickles, 46oz, any variety-1.98. Use .55/1 printable, DOUBLED=.98!

-Vlasic Spears 24oz-1.87. Use .55/1 printable, DOUBLED=.87!

-Pompeian Red Wine Vinegar-.89. Use .50/1 hang tags found on bottles (looks like all the hang tags are out), DOUBLED=FREE!

-Shake N Bake 5.75oz-1.62. Use .75/1 printable, DOUBLED=.62!

-Shout Spray 30oz-1.97. Use .55/1, SS 9/26 (exp 11/20), DOUBLED=.97!

-Mezzetta Jalapeno Peppers 16oz-1.58. Use .50/1 coupon from All You Magazine (exp 12/31), DOUBLED=.58!

-Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt cup 6oz-.45. Use .50/6 printable, DOUBLED=.29 each!

-GoGurts 8pk-1.99. Use .55/2 peelies found on packages or .75/2 printable (zip 63366), DOUBLED=1.50! Price went back up, so it's not $1.00 anymore. :(


NEW-Hidden Valley Farm Dressing-2.50. Use $2/1 printable (zip 63366)=.50!

NEW-Sunsations Dish Soap 25oz-.98! Use .25/1, RP 10/3 (exp 11/14), DOUBLED=.48!

NEW-TreeTop 3 pack juice boxes-.98. Use 1.75/3 printable=40!

NEW-Mento Gum-.76. Use $1/1, SS 10/3 (exp 11/30)=FREE!

NEW-Wonka Bar 3.5oz-1.19. Use $1/2, RP 9/12 (exp 10/10)=.69!

NEW-Budding Deli Tub-1.66. Use $1/1 printable (zip 84057)=.66!

-Guerrero White Corn Tortillas, 18ct-1.19. Use $1/1 printable=.19!

-Maruchan Instant Lunch Cup Noodles-.18!

-Budding Deli Cuts 12 oz-2.69. Use $1/1 printable (zip 84043)=1.69!

-Nalley Valley Slicers or Spears 16-24oz-1.98-2.28. Use 1.50/1 Q, SS 8/29 (exp 11/16)=.48-.78!

-Calidad Chips 14oz-.89!

-Select Harvest canned or microwavable bowls-1.62. Use $1/1 printable=.62!

-Reddi Whip 7oz.-1.67. Use $1/1 from All You Magazine (exp 10/10)=.67!

-Idahoan Instant Potatoes 4oz, any variety-.88. Use .75/3 printable=.55! (Click upper tab for the coupon)

-Tony Party Pizza, 10.10oz-1.00. Use $1/2 printable=.50!


karina said...

thanks alyssa they also have the betty crocker muffin mix for .99c the one in the box so its free after the 50 c off just today and you can print 4 more at coupons.com and betty crocker.com

karina said...

I forgot one more spaghetios 49c so double the 40c off 2 only 20c for two


Got it, thanks Karina! :)