Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Update...What's Hot for This Week 10/17

Smith's-(good until 10/26)


Macey's-(good until 10/26)


Fresh Market-(good until 10/26)


(Thanks, Freebies 2 Deals, Savvy Shopper Deals, PYP!)

Buy Low-(good until 10/26)

Click HERE if you want to take a peek of the ad.

-Iceburg Lettuce-3 for .98!

-Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters (sold in 10lb bag)-.48lb!

-Large Tomatoes-2lbs for .98!

-Red Seedless Grapes-.78lb!

-Honey Bunches of Oats, roasted or almond-.98 when you buy 4 with a MQF coupon provided at Buy Low!

-Chex Mix, Bugles, Gardettos 7.5-8.75oz-.98. Use .50/1 printable=.48!

-Boneless Rump Roast-1.98lb!

-Fresh French Bread-2 for $1!

-Cucumbers-4 for .99!

-Gala Apples-2lbs for .99!

-Yellow Onions-4lbs for .99!

-Green Onions or Radishes-3 for .99!

-Spinach-2 for .99!

-Cauliflower-2lbs for .99!

-Kraft Mac and Cheese, 4pk-2 for $4 when you buy 2 with a MFQ coupon provided at Buy Low!

-Large Eggs 18ct-.99!

-Lean Pockets-1.69. Use $1/1 printable if Side Shots are included=.69!

HOT-Pumpkins-.05lb!!! Lowest I have seen anywhere! WED & THURS ONLY!

-Cantaloupe-3lbs for $1! WED & THURS ONLY!

-Winter Squash, butternut, acorn, kabocha, spaghetti-3lbs for $1! WED & THURS ONLY!

-8oz Mushrooms-1.00! WED & THURS ONLY!

-Large Grapefruit-4 for $1! WED & THURS ONLY!

-Russet Potatoes 10lbs-1.00! WED & THURS ONLY!

HOT-Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts-1.29lb!!! FRI & SAT ONLY!

Rancho Market, Provo-(good until 10/25)

Click HERE if you want to take a peek of the ad.

-Whole Chicken-.79lb!

-Pinto Beans-3lbs for .99!

-WF Milk, gallon-1.69!

-Melody Napkins 180ct-.99!

-GM Cereals, Honey Nut 12.25, Cookie Crisp 11.5oz, Lucky Charms 11.5oz, and Trix 10.7oz-1.39. Use $1/2, SS 9/19 slc or $1/3, GM 10/3=.89-1.06! FRI ONLY!

-Cucumbers-3 for .99! WED ONLY!

-Gala Apples-2lbs for .99! WED ONLY!

-Limes-2lbs for .99! THURS ONLY!

-Pumpkins-10lbs for .99! THURS ONLY!

-Loose Tomatoes-3lbs for .99!

-Red or Green Leaf Romaine Lettuce-3 for .99!

-White Onions-4lbs for .99!

-Green Cabbage-4lbs for .99!

-Grapefruit-5lbs for .99!


-Pumpkins-.08lb! While supplies last.


-Free items, go HERE. (Thanks, Hip 2 Save!)

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