Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ridley's Double Coupon Tuesday 1/4!

*These are the prices I have gotten from Orem Ridley's on 1600 North State.
*You'll have to let the cashier know about having your coupons doubled because they do it manually. And don't forget to use your Ridley's Advantage card.

*Ridley's will double coupons up to $1 max (Tuesdays only)....

1.00=1.00 (no change)


-Pillsbury Grand Biscuits-1.00. Use .30/2, SS 12/5 or SS 1/2, DOUBLED=.70!

-Go Gurt or Trix-1.16 when you buy 10 with Ridley's card. Use .50/1 printable (zip 77477), printable, or .75/2, SS 11/14, DOUBLED=.16-.66!

-Yoplait Yogurt 4-6oz-.48. Use .50/4 printable or .50/8, SS 11/14, DOUBLED=as low as .23!

-WF Frozen Vegetables 16oz-.69!

-Tony's Pizza Original 10.5 inch-1.67. Use $1/2 printable=1.17!

-WF Light Bulbs 60, 75, 100 watts-.88!

HOT!-Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts-1.38lb!

-Chex Mix 4.5oz-1.00 when you buy 10 with Ridley's card. Use .50/1, SS 11/14 or .50/2, SS 1/2, SS 12/5, DOUBLED=as low as FREE!

-Blue Diamond Almonds 6oz-2.00. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=1.00!

-Grapefruit-.20 each!

-Red Delicious, Jonagold, Fuji, or Granny Smith Apples-.47lb!

Thanks Savvy Shopper Deals!

UNADVERTISED DEALS: (price may change without notice)


-Gold N Tub-.98. Use .50/1, SS 11/21 (exp 3/31/11), DOUBLED=FREE!

-Hefty Ziplocs-1.50. Use .20/1 peelies found on packages, DOUBLED=1.10!

-Chunky Campbells Soup Bowls-1.17. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=.17!

-Oxy Scrub Free Spray 32oz-2.13. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=1.13!

-Hormel Pepperoni 3.5oz-1.99. Use .55/1, SS 11/7 (exp 1/3/11) , DOUBLED=.99!

-American Beauty Quick Cook-1.69. Use .50/1 peelies found on boxes or use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=.69!

-Challenge Spreadable Butter-1.85. Use $2/1 printable, .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=FREE!

-Tobasco Sauce-1.59. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=.59!

-Carnation Evaporated Milk-.99. Use .50/2 printable, DOUBLED=.49!

-No Yolk Pasta 8oz-1.59. Use .50/1, SS 10/10 (exp 6/30/11), DOUBLED=.59!

-Criso Spray-1.98. Use .75/1 printable (zip 63366), DOUBLED=.98!

-Greek Yogurt-.50. Use .60/2, SS 11/7 (exp 1/11/11), DOUBLED=FREE!

-Betty Crocker Muffin Mixes, pouches-1.25. Use .50/1, GM 12/5 (exp 1/29/11), DOUBLED=.25!

-Campbells Chunky Soup 15oz-1.69. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=.69!

-Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad-.98. Use .50/2 printable, DOUBLED=.48!

-Lime Away Toilet Bowl Cleaner-2.59. Use .75/1, SS 11/14 (exp 1/8/11), DOUBLED=1.59!

-Milford Valley Farms Broccoli and Cheese-1.49. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=.49! (They usually go on sale quite often.) The Orem 1600 N. store will not take these coupons because they have "no expiration date" on it.

-Heinz Vinegar 32oz-1.89. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=.89!

-Mr. Clean Eraser 2pk-2.49. Use .75/1 from Home Made Simple Booklet (exp 4/30/11), DOUBLED=1.49!

-Wacky Mac Pasta-1.50. Use .50/1, SS 5/16 (exp 12/31), DOUBLED=.

-Country Crock spread 15oz-1.68. Use .40/1
printable, DOUBLED=.88!

-Arm and Hammer Baking Soda 1lb-.58. Use $.50/2
printable, DOUBLED=.08!

-Shake N Bake 5.75oz-1.62. Use .75/1 printable, DOUBLED=.62!


-WF Saltines-.98!

-Coffee Mate 16oz-1.88. Use $1.50/1 printable=.33!

-Ridley's Cheese Block (about 2lbs)-2.49lb. Use $1/1 printable (zip 84057)=1.99lb! Be sure to buy 2lb block in order to use the coupon.

-Ridley's Bread, white or wheat-.79!


Anonymous said...

This is the only website I found that does anything with Ridleys. I have a store here in Nevada. I used all the coupons I have and I saved $53.62. My grocery bill came out to 121.30 but I have enough food to last my family for 2 weeks of meals. I saved $9.72 on the Plsbry Grand Biscuits, and even got more coupons on the package. Mrs. Butterworth cost me $2.99 for a 64 oz total saving of $4.70. I got Kraft Mac-n-Cheese box of 4 for $2.99 savings of $3.60. Wonder Bread for $1.20 each a savings of $2.19 and the pork chops for 1.71 a savings of $3.oo and the a gallon of WF vanilla ice cream for $6.34 saving of $3.12...over all I saved alot of money and now my shelves are stock for 2 weeks. thanks for the info. I never would have thought Ridleys would take coupons! -Michelle


That's wonderful and I'm glad you saved much. Never knew that Nevada had Ridley's!

Anonymous said...

It used to be Gormans Family Market about 2 years ago. We dont have the double coupon Tuesday tho but at least I save a few dollars a week now...Thanx again! :D