Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ridley's Double Coupon Tuesday 2/1

*These are the prices I have gotten from Orem Ridley's on 1600 North State.*You'll have to let the cashier know about having your coupons doubled because they do it manually. And don't forget to use your Ridley's Advantage card.

*Ridley's will double coupons up to $1 max (Tuesdays only)....
1.00=1.00 (no change)


-McCormick Grinders, .72-2.12 oz-1.49. Use .75/1, RP 1/2, DOUBLED=.49!

-Colgate Toothpaste 6.4oz-.97. Use .75/1, SS 1/30, DOUBLED=FREE!

-Don Julio Tortilla Chips-.88!

-Campbell's Chunky Soup 18.6-19oz-1.18. Use .50/2 printable, DOUBLED=.68!

-French's Spicy Brown Mustard 12-20oz-1.50. Use $1/1, SS 11/7=.50!

-French's Horseradish, Honey Dijon, or New Dijon Mustard-12-20oz-Use .75/1, SS 1/23, DOUBLED=.50!

-Sunny Delight, 64oz-.89. Use .25/1, SS 1/16, DOUBLED=.39!

-Marie Callenders Frozen Pies, 28-46oz-4.98. Use $1/1 printable=3.98!

-Totinos Party Pizza, 9.8-10.9oz-1.12. Use .50/2 printable, DOUBLED=.62!

-Totinos Pizza Rolls, 7.5oz-1.12. Use .40/2, SS 1/30, DOUBLED=.72!

-Stouffers Enchiladas 57-96oz-9.58. Use $2/1 printable=7.58!

-Ridley's Shredded Cheese 32oz-4.99. Use $1/2lb printable (zip 84057)=3.99!

-WF Sour Cream-.77!

-Petite Sirloin Steak-2.67lb!



-Green Onions-.33!

-Roma Tomatoes-.68lb!

-Dentastix Dog Snacks, 5.57-6.1oz-2.50. Use $2/1, RP 1/30=.50!

-Thanks Savvy Shopper Deals!

UNADVERTISED DEALS: (price may change without notice)

NOTE- This list is UPDATED as of 1/13.


-Light and Fit Yogurt cups-.60. Use .40/6, SS 1/2, (exp 2/2) DOUBLED=.48!

-Yoplus 4 pk-2.08. Use .50/1, SS 1/16 (exp 3/12) or GM 1/2 (exp 2/26), DOUBLED=1.08!

-McCormick Cinnamon Spice 1oz-1.60. Use .75/1, RP 1/2 (exp 2/6), DOUBLED=.60!

-C&H Powdered or Brown Sugar 2lbs-1.79. Use. 50/1 printable (zip 84057), DOUBLED=.79!

-Snack Pack 4pk-.98. Use .60/3, SS 1/2 (exp 2/28), DOUBLED=.65!

-Yoplait cups-.59. Use .50/4 printable, DOUBLED=.34!

-French's Worcestshire (large bottle)-1.89. Use .50/1, SS 12/12 (exp 2/28), DOUBLED=.89!

-Spaghetti O's-.68. Use .40/2, SS 12/12 (exp 2/15), DOUBLED=.28!

-Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes-1.48. Use .50/2 printable, DOUBLED=.98!

-Arm and Hammer Clean Shower Spray-2.13. Use $.50/2 printable, DOUBLED=1.13!

-Gold N Tub-.98. Use .50/1, SS 11/21 (exp 3/31/11), DOUBLED=FREE!

-Chunky Campbells Soup Bowls-1.17. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=.17!

-Oxy Scrub Free Spray 32oz-2.13. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=1.13!

-Tobasco Sauce-1.59. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=.59!

-No Yolk Pasta 8oz-1.59. Use .50/1, SS 10/10 (exp 6/30/11), DOUBLED=.59!

-Greek Yogurt-.41. Use .60/2, GM 1/2 (exp 2/26/11), DOUBLED=FREE!

-Milford Valley Farms Broccoli and Cheese-1.49. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=.49! (They usually go on sale quite often.) The Orem 1600 N. store will not take these coupons because they have "no expiration date" on it.

-Heinz Vinegar 32oz-1.89. Use .50/1 printable, DOUBLED=.89!

-Mr. Clean Eraser 2pk-2.49. Use .75/1 from Home Made Simple Booklet (exp 4/30/11), DOUBLED=1.49!

-Arm and Hammer Baking Soda 1lb-.89. Use $.50/2 printable, DOUBLED=.08


-Kikkoman Soy Sauce 10oz-2.19. Use $1/1 printable=1.19!

-Ponzu 10oz-3.19. Use B1G1 Free printable when you buy soy sauce=FREE!

-Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner-1.99. Use $1/2, Nestle SS 1/2 (exp 2/1)=1.48!

-Tyson Chicken Thighs-.69lb! (it may be while supplies last)

-Ziploc Bags Sandwich 100ct-3.50 for big box. Use $1/2, SS 1/9 (exp 3/5)=3.00!

-Brandon Cheddar Cheese 2lb block-4.98. Use $1/1 printable (zip 84057)=3.98!

-Ridley's Cheese Block-2.49lb. Use $1/1 printable (zip 84057)=3.98 for 2lb block!

-Welch's Refrigerated Drink-1.99. Use $1/1, SS 1/16 (exp 4/30)=.99!

-WF Saltines-.98!

-Ridley's Bread, white or wheat-.79!

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