Monday, February 14, 2011

Thrifty Baby Mobiles

I remember when I had my first baby, about 13 years ago, I paid 40 bucks for a baby mobile because I thought it was cute. But when I saw these, they are even cuter and WAY cheaper than my old one! I guess I'm too late, hmm.

This is from Spool Sewing...

Tutorial {HERE}
Bird Pattern {HERE}
**You can substitute birds with owls if you like**
**For the batting, you can use the batting from old pillows/stuffed animals to save money**

And this is from SewSheSews...

Tutorial {HERE}
**I have seen a picture somewhere that one person used scrapbook paper instead of fabric, this would be a good option if you do not have any fabric stash, or you can use fabric from old clothes**

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