Friday, March 25, 2011

Crave 2 Save's Sales Week 3/13-3/19

Rite Aid-

Transaction 1-
3 Mountain Dew/Pepsi drinks-3.33 (used 3-.50/1 peelies)
2 Bounty Basic Paper Towels-5.99 (used 2-.25/1 Qs)

-$2/$10 Beauty Bonus RA Q
-$10 Up from Healthy Rewards last month
-7-$1/1 RA Video Qs on any purchase

-1-$3 Up from Pepsi/Mt. Dew and 2-$1 Ups from Bounty.

Total-$0, profit $3.77

Transaction 2-
2 Pinesol-2.00 (used 2-$1/1 printable Qs)
2 Clorox wipes-(RA substituted them with Lysol wipes)-2.00 (used 1-$1/2 printable Q)
1 Tilex-2.00 (used 1-$1/1 printable Q)

-$2/$10 RA Beauty Bonus Q
-$3 Up and $1 Up from previous purchase. (not included with the total)

-$3 Up from cleaning products
-will get $1 SCR from Clorox


Transaction 3-
5 Tridents-.99 (used 2-B1G1 Free Qs)
6 Mentos-.99 (used 3=$1/2 Qs)
3 Dentyne Pacts-1.99 (used 3-$1/1 Qs)

-$2/$10 RA Beauty Bonus Q
-2-$1/1 RA Video Qs on any purchase
-$3 Up and $1 Up from previous purchases. (not included with the total)

-$5 Up from gum


Transaction 4-
3 Dixie Cups-(RA substituted them for plates)1.97 (used 1-$3/5 RA Video Q)
4 Mortin PM 20ct-(RA substituted them for 40 ct)-1.50 (used 1-$6/2 Q)

-2-$1 Ups from Mortin

Total-$0, profit $0.27

Transaction 5-
1 Pledge-3.50 (used .75/1 Q)
1 Pledge Wipes-3.50 (used Free Q when you buy Pledge spray)
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Foamer-3.50 (used .75/1 printable Q)

-$2/$10 RA Beauty Bonus Q
-$3 Up from previous purchases (not included with the total)

-$3 Up from cleaning products. (I used my husband's wellness card to get this)


3 Canned Chicken-9.99
1 Eggs 24ct-2.19
1 Frigo String Cheese-8.99
1 Trash Bag-19.99
2 Boxes of milk-3.50

I received $110 in Costco Rewards check from my American Express credit card. You can get this American Express card at Costco where you can earn points for each dollar you spend anywhere. You get one check per year.


4 Tostitos Chips-3.00 (used 4-.55/1 Qs and 4-.50/1 Target Qs)
2 Salsa-Free when you buy 2 Tostitos


20 Propel-.65 (used 10-$1/2 peelies found on these bottles)
8 Steamers-.88 with ad coupon (used 8-.50/1 printable Qs, DOUBLED)
2 Yoplait Smoothies-1.88 with ad coupon (used 2-$1/1 printable Qs)
8 Totino Pizza Rolls-.88 with ad coupon (used 4-.40/2 Qs, DOUBLED)
5 Act II Popcorn-1.66-on sale (used 5-.50/1 Qs, DOUBLED)
1 Pizza Meal Deal, Frechetta Pizza, 48oz WF Ice Cream, and 1 Pepsi-5.00 (used 1-$1/1 printable Q)
1 Corn Puffs-1.86

Will submit $6 Budweiser rebate on deli or pizza. (bought this on eBay)


17 American Beauty Pastas-(Smith's posted papers everywhere that they will accept Ronzoni coupons because they are from the same company and besides they are all out of Ronzoni pastas)-  (used 3-$1/1 Qs and 7-$1/2 Qs)
4 Shredded Cheese-
3 Special K Cereals-  (used $2/3 printable Q)
2 Corn Pops-2.50 (used 1-$1/2 blinkie)
2 Crispix cereals-2.50 (used 1-$1/2 printable Q)
1 Mini Wheats Fruit-  (used 1-$1/1 printable Q)
4 Gallons of milk-free 2 milk when you buy 4 Kellogg's cereals.

Received $5 off twice from promo.

Will submit another $6 Budweiser rebate on deli items or pizza. (bought this on eBay) Will use my mother's address for this one.


5 Honey Bunches of Oats-(price matched from Smith's ad)-1.99 (used 5-$1/1 Qs)
5 Purex-(price matched from Walgreen's ad)-2.99 (used 5-$1/1 Qs)
4.87lbs Fuji Apples-(price matched from Rancho ad)-2.44
4.26lbs White Onions-(price matched from Rancho ad)-.85
5 Yoplait Smoothies-(price matched from Ridley's ad)-1.88 (used 5-$1/1 printable Qs)
4lbs of Ground Beef 85%-(price matched from Sunflower market-1.69lb (used 4-$1/2 Qs on ground beef when you buy 2 Classico sauce)
4 Quaker Oatmeal Packets-1.00. (used 4-$1/1 Qs)
1 Bagged lettuce-.94
2.93lbs Grapes-(price matched from Rancho ad)-2.90
5lb bag potatoes-(price matched from Sunflower Market)-.88
6 Renuzit Cones-(price matched from Walgreen's ad)-.79 (used 1-.55/3 printable Q and 1-B3G3 Free Qs)
8 Classico Sauces-(price matched from Smith's ad)-1.49 (used 4-$1/1 printable Qs)
4 American Beauty Pastas-(price matched from Smith's ad)-.50 (used 2-$1/2 printable Qs)
8 Ronzoni Pastas-(price matched from Smith's ad)-.50 (used 4-$1/2 Qs)
5 Purex Fabric Softeners-(price matched from Rite Aid)-.99 (used 5-$2/1 Qs)
5 Seapak Shrimp-1.58 (used 5-$1/1 Qs)


Week Total-$34.06
(including rebates)


ericksenbuzz said...

Alyssa, how did you price match the Rite-aid .99 cents Purex laundry fabric softener when it says in the ad b1g1 free. Walmart won't price match that? It doesn't say .99 cents either? Sorry to bug you. Thanks for your blog!!

Crave 2 Save said...

Cashiers at Walmart normally look at the final price and they do not read which coupons are being deducted, so that's why they gave me .99 cents for each(like you see on Smith's ad where they show prices for the promo). My Rite Aid ad did not say B1G1 free for the Purex except for the Finish dishwasher products, maybe it's different in some areas?

Don't worry about bugging me, I'd love to hear some more from you. :)