Friday, April 8, 2011

Crave 2 Save's Sales Week 3/27-4/2

-2 Copy Paper-$1 each after easy rebate
-1 Photo Paper-$1 after easy rebate
-2 Duracell Batteries-Free in Staples rewards (I did this in separate transaction without a coupon)

-Used $10 off $20 Office Max Q from mail.
-Used $12 Ink Rewards from recycling old ink cartridges

Total-$0, profit $19.00
5 Diapers-5.99 (used $2/1 Wags Q provided from the store, $10.00 was deducted) Perfect for gifts!

Will submit $10 rebate printed at checkout.


Rite Aid-

Transaction 1-
4 Air Wick i Motions-6.99 (used 4-$4/1 Qs)

-$3/$15 RA Q
-$1/1 RA Q on any non prescription purchase
-Used 2-$1 and 1-$5 Ups from previous purchases. (not included with the total)

-$5 Up from Air Wick


Transaction 2-
-Revlon Scissors-5.76-40% off (used 1-$2/1 printable Q)
-Revlon Tweezers-5.99-40% off (used 1-$2/1 printable Q)
-3 American Greeting Cards-$1-$2 (used 1-$1/3 printable Q and 1-$3/3 RA ad Q)

-$3/15 RA Q

-$4 Up from Revlon


5 Chef Michael Dog Food-.87 (used $1/4 Q)
1 Chef Micheal Dog Food-17.99 (used $10/1 Q)
2 Pedigree Dog Food-10.99 (used 2-$3/1 printable Qs)
6 Reese Candy-2.66 (used 3 $2/2 Qs and 6-$1/1 Target printable Qs)
2 Bags of Cooked Shrimp-3.37 (used $3/1 Target stickers on packaged for quick sale)
1.51lb Banana-.85 (used 1 $1/1 on fruit when you buy 2 Kellogg's)
4 MP Fruit Snacks-1.39 (used 2-$1/2 Target Qs)
10 Circo Baby Socks-1.00 (used 10-$1/1 Target Qs)
2 Frosted Flakes-1.99 (used 2-$1/1 printable Qs)
1 Mini Wheats-1.99 (used 1-$1/1 Q from last year)

Received 2-$5 Target gift cards from dog food.(Pedigree and Chef Michaels)

Will submit $6 Budweiser rebate on seafood. (bought this on eBay)


2 Renuzit Adjustables-.94 (used 2-$1/1 printable Qs)
4 Snyder's Pretzels-(price matched from Ream's ad)-1.99 (used 2-$1/2 Qs)
24 Ramen Noodles-(price matched from Smith's ad)-2.40
1 Smart Balance Tub-(price matched from Walgreens ad)-2.00 (used $1/1 Q printed from Smiths)
2 Pop Tarts-(price matched from Ridley's ad)-.98 (used 1-$1/2 Q)
3 Pistachios-(price matched from Rite Aid ad)-2.50 (used 3-$1/1 Qs)
1.79lb Grapes-(price matched from Sunflower ad)-1.39
5.21lb Granny Smith Apples-(price matched from Rancho ad)-1.72
4 Gallons of milk-2.18
2 Starburst Jellybeans-(price matched from Ridley's ad)-1.66 (used 1-$2/2 Q from All You)
4 Edge Shave Gel-(price matched from Walgreens ad)-1.00 (used 4-.55/1 Qs)


I'll get $2 back from my brother for the Edge Shave.
Will submit 2-$7 Budweiser rebates on salty snacks. (bought this on eBay)


Week Total-$49.66
(including rebates)

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