Friday, April 22, 2011

Crave 2 Save's Sales Week 4/10-4/16


2 Gallons of milk-(price matched from Smith's ad)-2.18 each
4 Malt O Meal Cereals-1.00 (used 2-$1/2 printable Qs)
4 Hamburgers-(price matched from Rancho ad)-1.69 each (used $1/1 Q on hamburger when you buy Uncle Ben's rice)
4 Uncle Ben's Rice-1.48 (used .75/1 Qs, DOUBLED)
1 Comet-.88 (used 1-.25/1 printable Q, DOUBLED)
1 Similac-3.84 (used 1-$5/1 Q)
2 Strawberries-(price matched from Sunflower Market)-.99
1 Oscar Mayer Hot Dog-(price matched from Ridley's ad)-.99 (used 1-$1/1 printable Q)
1 Cheddar Cheese 2lbs-(price matched from Maceys ? ad)-4.99 (used 1-$1/2lb printable Q)
12 Chex Mix-(price matched from Walgreen's ad)-1.50 (used 3-$4/4 printable Qs from Winco website)
2.65lbs Cabbage-(price matched from Rancho ad)-.66
10 Kiwi-(price matched from Rancho ad)-2.00
1.63lb Grapes-(price matched from Rancho ad)-1.45
6 Hormel Ham-(price matched from Fresh Market)-1.00 (used 2-$1/3 Qs)


2 Gallons of milk-2.49
1 Oscar Mayer Hot Dog-1.99 (used ad coupon and 1-$1/1 printable Q)



I did this in 5 separate transactions.

20 Boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios and Chex Honey Nut Cereals-2.50 (used 4-.75/1 printable Qs, 2-.55/1 eCoupons, and 7-1.50/2 printable Qs)

Received $5 Smith's gift cards.


Week Total-$48.08

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