Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Seagate 1TB Portable Hard Drive Deal!

This is a great deal, you can get this Seagate 1TB portable hard drive for about $60 dollars! First, you'll need to purchase $25 off $75 coupon code through eBay (you should get the code within hours). Then use this code at checkout and get it for about $60 bucks. That's 50% savings! Shipping is free when you spend $50 ore more.

I have one of these and I love it! I am considering buying a second one. It's better than having 100 cds in my storage. You can store thousands of cds into one itty bitty little hard drive box. This is PERFECT for your 72 hour kit, so you do not have to worry about trying to save every picture or document you have in your home when you have a limited amount of time to evacuate.

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