Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crave 2 Save's Sales Week 5/8-5/14


21 Honey Nut Cheerios-1.49 (used 21-.55/1 printable Qs, DOUBLED)
6 Sugar, 2lbs-1.75 (used 6-.50/1 printable Qs, DOUBLED)



Transaction 1-
24 Propel-(price matched from Smith's ad)-.49 (used 24-$1/1 Qs) I bought the coupons from eBay
6 Malt O Meal Cereals-1.00 (used 3-$1/2 printable Qs)
6 Comet Cleansers-.88 (used 6-.25/1 printable Qs, DOUBLED)
1 Lime away-2.88 (used .75/1 Q, DOUBLED)
4 Mother Cookies-(price matched from Macey's ad)-1.50 (used 2-$1/2 printable Qs)
2 Gallons of milk-(price matched from Macey's ad)-1.21 wyb 2 Mother cookies
6 Tropical Fruit-.92 (used 3-.50/2 Qs, DOUBLED)
20 Koolaid packets-.20 (used 2-.50/5 printable Qs, DOUBLED and 2-B10G5 Free Qs)
9 Quaker Cereals-(price matched from Smith's ad)-1.49 (used 3-$2/3 Qs)
2 Eggs, 18ct-(price matched from Ridley's ad)-1.69 (used 1-.55/2 printable Q, DOUBLED)
1 Hot Dog bun-1.00


Transaction 2-
3-3lb bags Fuji Apples-(price matched from Buy Low ad)-1.50 each bag
2.52lbs Broccoli-(price matched from Macey's ? ad)-1.49
2.18lbs Banana-1.13
10 Cucumbers-(price matched from Rancho ad)-1.60
1.62lb Roma Tomatoes-(price matched from Rancho ad)-.81
6 Corn-(price matched from Sunflower market)-.96
2 Cantaloupe-(price matched from Rancho market)-1.00
Lettuce-(price matched from Rancho market)-.50
3.64lbs White Onions-(price matched from Rancho market)-.91
Watermelon-(price matched from Rancho market)-2.56 and 2.24.
Pineapple-(price matched from Macey's ad)-2.24
13.5lbs Lean Ground Beef-(price matched from Buy Low ad)-1.99lb
3 Pork Loin Roasts-(price matched from Ridley's ad)-5.14
1 Pot Roast-(price matched from Macey's ad)-4.34

Will submit another $25 Dos Equis rebate when you spend $50 on produce, meats, etc. (bought this on eBay) I'll use my mother's address for this one.

Will submit another $10 Corona rebate when you spend $10 on meats. (bought this on eBay) I'll use my mother's address for this one.


Rite Aid-
Transaction 1-
8 Hormel Compleats-1.99 (used 8-.75/1 printable Qs and 4-$1/2 RA Qs)

Used $3/$15 RA Q and 2-$1/1 RA non-prescription Qs on any purchase.


Transaction 2-
2 Hormel Compleats-1.99 (used 2-.75/1 printable Qs and 1-$1/2 RA Q)
2 Gallons of milk-2.39-20% Wellness discount from card
6 Libby's Mandarin Oranges-1.20 (used 3-$1/2 printable Qs and 6-.30/1 RA Qs)

Used $3/$15 RA Q and 4-$1/1 RA Qs on any non prescription purchase.



10 Spitz Sunflower Seeds-1.50 (used 5-$1/2 peelies)

Will submit 2-$5 Corona rebate on salty snacks. (bought this on eBay)

I received a $10 Target gift card when I transferred my prescription.

Week Total-$50.53
(including rebates)


Shannon said...

WOW, girl you are AWESOME!!!! I am amazed. I just started doing the rebate are absolutely guinness! So is the $1.49 @ Ridley's a special deal? I live in Eagle Mountain UT and was thinking of going next Tuesday

Shannon said...

ha ha I meant for the cheerios:) Is is always that price or is that a sale price?/

Crave 2 Save said...

Yes, the Cheerios were $1.49 that week at Ridley's. I was sure glad to get some because we needed more cereal. My kids ate all of the boxes the last time. :)

Sometimes you'll see sales on cereals every 3-4 months at rock bottom prices.