Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crave 2 Save's Sales Week 7/10-7/16

Staples and Office Max-
Office Max-
3 Mechanical Pencils-1.00 each
1 12pk Sharpie Markers-1.00


Transaction 1&2-
1 Copy Paper-5.99-5.74 Easy Rebate-.25
2 Bic Pens-.01
2 Glue-.01
2 Stickies-.25
2 Erasers-.01
2 Photo Paper-9.99-8.99 Easy Rebate-$1 each

Used $5 off $25 Q from Office Depot

Total-$0, profit $0.72

Transaction 1-
24 Cucumbers-(price matched from Rancho ad)-2.97
12 Bags of Carrots-(price matched from Buy Low ad)-3.00
7.87lbs Fiji Apples-(price matched from Buy Low ad)-3.94
16.32lbs Pot Roast-(price matched from Kohler's ad)-1.99lb
2.95lbs Bananas-1.52
6.3lbs Chicken Breasts-(price matched from Smith's ad)-6.30
1.3lb Tomatoes-(price matched from Rancho ad)-.64

Will submit another $30 Dos Equis rebate on produce and meats. (bought this on eBay)


Transaction 2-
25 Kellogg's cereals-(price matched from Smith's ad)-1.67 (used 5-$5/5 Qs)
6 Hefty Bags, 12ct-(price matched from Smith's ad)-1.19 (used 3-$1/2 Qs)
2 Dawn Soap-.97 (used 2-.25/1 Qs from Home Made Simple Booklet, DOUBLED)
1 Yellow Cake Mix-1.43 (used 1-.75/2 Q, DOUBLED)
1 Frosting-1.16
3 Sweet Condensed Milk-1.98 (used 3-.55/1 printable Qs, DOUBLED)
3 Twizzlers-1.50 (used 3-.50/1 Qs, DOUBLED)
3 Curad Gauze-1.64 (used 3-.50/1 Qs, DOUBLED)
10 Curad Tape-.97 (used 10-.50/1 Qs, DOUBLED)

Will submit $5 gas rebate from Kellogg's cereal.

Week Total-$53.35
(including rebates)

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