Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crave 2 Save's Sales Week 8/28-9/3


4 Gallons of milk-2.38


 I had to go to the bank inside Smith's so I picked this up.



2 Gallons milk-(price matched from Buy Low-2.25
4 LA Looks-(price matched from Smith's ad)-1.00 (used 4-$1/1 Qs)
1 Red Vines-1.64
10 Cascade Trial Size-.97 (used 10-$1/1 Qs)
4 Planters Peanut Butter-(price matched from Walgreen's ad)-1.50 (used 4-.75/1 Qs)
1 Chips-(price matched from Harmon's ad)-1.25
2 Cantaloupes-.16lb
1 String Cheese-3.48 (used .55/1 Q, DOUBLED
9 Dawn-1.07 (used 9-.50/1 Qs, DOUBLED)
1 Dawn, tall-.97 (used 1-.50/1 Q, DOUBLED)



I did this in 2 separate transactions to be careful not to mix up with Staples Rewards and Easy Rebates or you'll not get your money back. They have to be purchased separately.
2 Staples Photo Paper-9.99-8.99 Easy Rebate-$1
1 Copy Paper-5.99-3.99 Easy Rebate-$2
Tape-3.99-Free with Staples Rewards
Pastel Paper-8.79-Free with Staples Rewards
Scotch Tape-13.99-Free with Staples Rewards
2 Pentel Pens-2.99-2.74 Easy Rebate-.25
2 Mark It Markers-3.00-2.75 Easy Rebate-.25

Used 2-$10/$30 Office Max Coupons

Total-$0, profit $4.15

Rite Aid-
I did about 4 separate transactions on this one-
4 Stayfree Pads-3.00 (used 2-B1G1 Free Q and 2-$1/1 Qs)
1 Monistat-13.59 (used 1-$3/1 printable Q)
2 Oral B-5.99 (used 2-$3/1 Qs)
9 Trident Layers-1.00 (used 3-$2/3 Qs and 3-.50/1 RA Video Qs)

Used 1-$1/1 RA Video Q on any purchase

Got 3-$1 Ups from Trident, $5 Up from Monistat, and 2-$2 Ups from Stayfree

Will submit 2-$2SCR from Oral B and $3SCR from Monistat. I'll use the second rebate with my mother's address.


4 Pepsi/Mt Dew-3.25 (5th box is free) (used 5-$1/1 peelies)


Week Total-$40.13
(including rebates)

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