Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ridley's Deals: Double Coupon Tuesday 10/4

*You'll have to let the cashier know about having your coupons doubled because they do it manually. And don't forget to use your Ridley's Advantage card.

*Ridley's on 1600 North and Center Street in Orem doubles coupons on Tuesdays only.

*Ridley's will double coupons up to $1 max...
1.00=1.00 (no change)


-GM Cereals-1.50 when you buy 4. Use .50/1 printable (lucky charms) or $1/2 printable (variety)=as low as .50!

-Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks-.84 when you buy 4. Use .50/2, SS 9/11, DOUBLED=.34!

-WF Light Bulbs, 4pk-.77!

-Pepsi Max, 2liter-1.25. Use .55/1, Pepsi 10/2, DOUBLED=.25!

-Campbell's Soup, cream of mushroom or chicken, 10.5oz=.97. Use .40/2, SS 9/11, DOUBLED=.57!

-ShurSaving Pears or Peaches, 29oz-.96 each (case of 12-$11.46)

-Scoffs Baby Wipes, 80ct-.88!

-WF Mac and Cheese, 5.5-7.25oz, spirals or original-.38 each (case of 24-$9.08)

-Pendleton Flour, bleached or unbleached, 25lbs-5.97!

-ShurSaving Chunk White Chicken, 5oz-.74 each (case of 12-$8.67)

-WF Purified Bottled Water, 24pk-2.37!

-Nissin Top Ramen Noodles, 3oz-10 for $1!

-Spaghetti O's, 15oz-.56. Use .40/2, SS 9/11, DOUBLED=.36 each! (case of 12-$4.32 if allowed to use 6 coupons on case lot)

-WF Detergent, regular or with bleach-30lb bucket-5.84!

-Chicken Breasts, boneless, skinless-1.77lb! (Super Saver Pack) (not the best price, but a great price if you need them.)

-Yoplait Yogurt-.50 each when you buy 10. Use .50/8, GM 9/11, SS 8/21 , DOUBLED=.40!
-Limes-7 for $1!

-Bella Bites Tomatoes-1.50!

-Baby Carrots, 1lb-.98!

-Sirloin Petite Steak-2.88lb!

-WF Frozen Veggies, 16oz-.56 (case of 12-$6.48)

-Morning Moo's 37lb Bucket-72.28!

-Lindsay Olives, 5oz, small or jumbo-.75! (case of 24-$18.00)

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