Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grocery Store Coupon Matchups Week 11/16






Click download HERE if you want to take a peek of the ad.

-Russet Potatoes-2 for $3!

-Medium Yams-3lbs for $1!

-Extra Lean Ground Beef, not exceed 15% fat-1.99lb!

-Broccoli-2lbs for $1!

-WF Butter, 1lb-1.99!

-Fiji Apples-.69lb!

-Red Onions-3lbs for $1!

-Bartlett Pears-.69lb!

-Carrots, 1lb-3 for $1!

-White Onions-3lbs for $1!

-Cranberries, 12oz-1.99!

-Foil Roaster Pan, Rectangle or Oval-.99!
WED AND THURS ONLY 11/16-11/17

-Bananas-3lbs for $1

-Carrots, 1lb-4 for $1!

-Yellow Onions-5 for $1!

-Green Cabbage-5lbs for $1!

-Celery-3 for $1!

-Radishes or Green Onions-4 for $1!
FRI AND SAT ONLY 11/18-11/19

-Black Forest Sliced Ham-.99lb!

Click HERE if you want to take a peek of the ad.

-Russet Potatoes, 10lbs-2 for $3!

-Pomegranate-2lbs for .99!

-Rocky Mountain Eggs, 18ct-1.69!

-Los Charros Tostadas, 9oz-.99!

-Cilantro-5 for .99!

-Radish-4 for .99!

-Red Grapes-.99lb!

-Pasilla Pepper-2lbs for .99!

-Mexican Squash-3lbs for .99!

-Brown Onion-6lbs for .99!
WED AND THURS ONLY-11/16-11/17

-Persian Limes-3lbs for .99!

-WF Milk, gallon-1.99!

-Camote-4lbs for .99!

-Ground Pork-1.49lb!

-Oranges-5lbs for .99!
SAT AND SUN ONLY-11/19-11/20

-Roma Tomatoes-3lbs for .99!

-Avocados-4 for $1!

-Tomatillos-3lbs for .99!

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