Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cheap Haircut and Dye! Here's how...

Taylor Andrews is offering $25 City Deals Certificate for Taylor Andrews for $11 dollars!

Limit 1 offer per household. To purchase one, go HERE. Type "Taylor Andrews" in the category box. The page will say $50 certificate for $34 dollars...go ahead and click the one that says "view more deals" just underneath the "Buy Now" box, then the $25 offer will come up.

I get my hair done at Taylor Andrews, which is a beauty school and I like the way they did with my hair. It's pretty cheap and I pay around $13-30 bucks to get my hair colored, cut, and sometimes I'll get a head message with either a $10 off coupon from Val Pak (local coupons you get in the mail) or/and a gift certificate from City Deals (You can use both at the same time if you have them on hand!). It sure beats paying around $80 bucks at other salons.

Taylor Andrews Locations:
-West Jordan UT  801-438-6123
-Orem UT  801-850-9161

Regular Costs:
-Haircut (include shampoo, style, & cut)-$12
-All over dye-$31

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