Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crave 2 Save's Sales Week 11/13-11/19

1 Scunci Hair Clips-2.99

Used $2RR from previous purchases (not included with the total). Got $2RR from Scuni.



5 Milkbone Treats-2.29 (used 5-$1.50 Qs)
1 I Can't Believe it's not Butter-2.19 (used 1-$1/1 printable Q)
6 Jello Pudding-.75 (used 2-$1.25/3 printable Qs)
6 Cool Whip-.89
Axe Shower Gel-3.99 (used 3-B1G1 Free Qs and 3-$1.50/1 printable Qs)
Scotch Brite-1.69 (used .75/1 printable Q)
3 Langer's Apple Juice-1.50 (used 3-.55/1 printable Qs)
5 Toblerone Bars-1.00 (used 5-.50/1 Qs)
2 Cranberry Sauce-1.00 (used 1-$1/2 printable Q)
3 Cream of Chicken Soup-.49 (used 1-.40/3 printable Q)

(bought 20 qualifying items from Mega Savings Event)

Received $3 Catalina from Milkbone.



3 Gallons of milk-(price matched from Rancho ad)-1.99
6 Batteries-.99 (used 6-$1/1 printable Qs)
2 Dozen Eggs-(price matched from Buy Low ad ?)-.99 (used 1-.55/2 printable Q)
1 Sour Cream (price matched from Macey's)-.79
8 Kidney Beans-(price matched from Smith's ad)-.49 (used 2-.75/4 printable Qs)
3lbs Fiji Apples-(price matched from Buy Low ?)-1.00
10 Swansons Broth-.50 (used 5-.75/2 Qs, DOUBLED)
Half and Half-(price matched from Smith's)-1.99 (used 1-.75/1 printable Q)
2 Idahoan Potatoes-.98 (used 2-$1/1 printable Qs)
15 Martha White Corn Muffin Mixes-.46 (used 5-$1/3 Qs)
1 Idahoan Cheesy Hashbrowns-1.25 (used Free Q from All You Magazine)
1 Cascade Dish Tablets-.97 (used 1-.50/1 Q, DOUBLED)


6 No Yolk Pasta-.88 (used 6-.40/1 Qs, DOUBLED)


Rite Aid-
1 Culturelle-15.00
3 Orbit Gum-1.00
1 Crest Toothpaste-2.99 (used 1-$2/1 Q)

Used $15 Up from previous purchases (not included with the total)

Got $15 Up from Culturelle and 3-$1 Ups from Orbit. Will submit $2.99SCR on Crest.

Total-$0, profit $0.68

Week Total-$52.25

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