Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crave 2 Save's Sales Week 11/20-11/26

Winco-(not pictured, last minute items for Thanksgiving dinner)

1 Cucumber-.68
Green Onion-.68
1 Red Pepper-.98
1 Green Pepper-.68
1 Coleslaw Bag-1.28
1 Edamame-1.65



I did several transactions in order to get separate receipts for the rebates and went to Walmart few times this week.

24 Butter-(price matched from Reams ad)-1.67... I'm stocked up until next year.
2 Sara Lee Rolls-1.98 (used 2-.55/1 Qs, DOUBLED)
1 Celery-(price matched from ? ad)-.50
Brown Onions-(price matched from Rancho ad)-1.29
6 Hidden Valley Dressing-1.42 (used 6-.50/1 printable Qs, DOUBLED)
4 Cheddar Cheese-(price matched from Reams ad)-4.99 (used 4-$1/2lbs printable Qs)
5 C&H Sugar-(price matched from Rancho ad)-1.99 (used 5-.75/1 Qs)
4 Windex-2.47 (used 4-.75/1 printable Qs, DOUBLED)
10lbs Potatoes-(price matched from Reams)-.99
4 Cool Whip-(price matched from Fresh Market)-.50
4 Lime Away-2.88 (used 4-.75/1 Qs, DOUBLED)
6 Club Crackers-(price matched from Reams)-.99 (used 3-$1/2 printable Qs)
2 Egg Nog-(price matched from Macey's)-1.39
3 Whipping Cream, half pint-(price matched from Maceys)-.50

Will submit 2-$6 Stella Artosis rebate on cheese (bought this on Ebay)

Will submit 2-$7 Budweiser rebate on salty snacks, condiments (bought this on eBay)

Will submit 1-$6 Shock Top on produce (bought this on eBay)

Will submit 2-$6 Amber Bock rebate on baking items and chocolate (bought this on eBay)

Will submit 2-$6 Budweiser rebate (different one) on salty snacks, condiments (bought this on eBay)


Week Total-$51.02
(including rebates)


Debbie said...

Im wondering.. How do you price match great value butter if Reams dont carry great value? I thought it had to be the same brand

Thanks Debbie

Debbie said...

Uggh.. I meant if you got the great value butter how did you price match at walmart if reams if dont carry that brand

*ALLYSSA* said...

Walmart will price match Western Family brands on Great Value brands.